School of Favela Architecture , Escola de Arquitetura da Favela(2014-)

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The objective of the Favela School of Architecture (2014-) is to learn about the architecture of favelas
from the exchange of knowledge between the 'formal architect' and the 'favela architects' (ie the
inhabitants and the network of space builders). The knowledge of the residents is
 as fundamental as that of the traditional architecture. The School has several objectives, which arise from the meeting between production academic and popular construction:
1 - Empower the inhabitants of favelas about their own knowledge.
2- To learn about self-construction techniques from the knowledge of the residents and the network of
masons, carpenters and builders of the favelas.
3- Stimulate a debate where the technocratic values ​​of the traditional teaching of architecture are
4 - Disseminate knowledge about right to city, right to housing, architecture and urbanism; and,
produce small installations within the empty spaces of the favelas.

In short, school is an open space with the main aim to think architecture. The goal is to produce parameters for the
favela construction that questions colonizing theories, which often favelas and their inhabitants from the perspective of 'romanticization' or 'objectification' of their inhabitants and their productions.




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