Ana Rosa Chagas Cavalcanti

Architect and Urban Planner, Writer and Curator


Ana Rosa Chagas Cavalcanti studied architecture and urbanism in Brazil (2004-2009, UFAL). Her thesis on the relation of work practices practices of residents of Informal Settlements, an embedded research in the Favela Sururu de Capote, culminated with a graduation with distinction and an indication to Opera Prima 2009 (prize for best Brazilian graduation thesis). She worked at Bijari (2010) and at Triptyque Architecture (2011). In 2012, she concluded her Master (La Sapienza/ ENSA Paris-Val-de- Seine) and in 2013, she worked as guest researcher on Urban Design at University of Hamburg. She is currently a Ph.D. Candidate at the TUDelft where she ocasionally lecture in the Department of Architecture and Department of Urbanism. Her research investigates design within the existing context of informal settlements or in the context of resetlement of residents from informal settlement to housing units. Research areas are focused on social and spatial practices.  Furthermore, she awarded the first prize in the architectural competition 72HUA (Terni, 2012) and has exhibited urban interventions at some architecture exhibitions, such as IBA Hamburg (2013) and the Biennial of Public Spaces (Rome,2015). The Brazilian architecture magazine “AU” published some of her collaborative design projects, in 2014. In 2014, back in Brazil, she founded “The school of Favela Architecture”, a urban laboratory in the "Favela do Telegrafo", Maceió, where she is lived and documented architectural and social patterns. This work also includes an Exhibition at UCL Cities Methodologies 2014, as well as articles at EURAU 2014, at Favelissues.com and at the 15th NAERUS and Bartlett Irec 2015. She was a fellow of International Journal of Urban Regional Research (IJUUR) within “Authors meet critics 2015” (Harvard University, UCLA, Sciences Po, ETH Zurich, LSE, Vrije UniversiteitBrussel, University of Manchester, University of Cambridge, Charles University, Northeastern University, University of Leeds, Uppsala University, University of Milan Bicocca, CSIC Madrid). Recent production consists of a paper on Traditional Dwellings and Settlements Review (2017) Volume XXVIII (IASTE, Berkeley) and a grant from Volkswagen Foundation in 2017, to present her research in a Herrenhausen Conference in Hannover (Germany). 

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